If you want to work at the United Nations, you should apply for a job as a language professional. The United Nations recruits language professionals once or twice a year as vacancies arise. There are competitive examinations for language professionals that are advertised on their Careers portal. Interested applicants must meet eligibility requirements and application instructions.


A successful applicant must have at least two years of experience working as a language professional. Applicants can be recruited for vacancies once or twice a year. Applicants should check the United Nations Careers portal for job announcements. Candidates must pass competitive examinations to qualify. Once accepted, language professionals are placed on the UN’s global language professional roster. Applicants must apply and qualify using the specified instructions and guidelines. You can ask a professional at ThewWordPoint to look at your application letter and request proofreading of it. The company has many certified translators who know how to correctly apply to the UN to get a job.

Language professionals at the UN can be recruited for various positions. Some positions require fluency in at least two UN working languages. Some language professionals are hired through competitive examinations, which are held every two to three years. The dates of the exams are published on the United Nations Careers website months in advance. Interested candidates must have at least two years of professional work experience. Candidates must also have good computer skills and must be under the age of 56 at the time of the examination.

Once a candidate has met all the qualifications, he or she must submit their application for a competency-based interview. Those who are selected will receive a letter from the UN Secretariat confirming their selection. In the meantime, unsuccessful applicants should keep an eye on the UN’s website for updates on the examination. There are many tips for success in preparing for an interview.


Applicants should be proficient in all four areas of English and French and must indicate fluency in all four areas. Applicants who indicate “less than fluent” will be disqualified. Candidates must also have good writing skills, as they may need to express themselves critically in the exam. Furthermore, thorough reading is an important part of the preparation for the exams, as it strengthens substantive knowledge in the relevant fields, broadens vocabulary, refines style, and provides a feel for the different structures and expressions of languages.

The recruitment process for language professionals takes place once or twice every two years, as vacancies arise. Candidates must be proficient in English and fluent in the other official UN languages. Once hired, applicants must also learn additional languages. Once in the organization, applicants will be required to add one of the UN’s official languages to their language combination. There are several ways to apply for a UN job, and the most important of all is to be passionate and determined.

For those who are interested in working as a language professional at the United Nations, there are a number of exams that will need to be taken before you can start applying. The exams are notoriously difficult, and many applicants end up spending years trying to pass them. The higher the position, the harder the exams will be. If you are truly dedicated to the job, you’ll likely have to take them all.


The language professional jobs at the United Nations are competitive and are only available for selected individuals. The recruitment of language professionals is not a regular occurrence; it is done once every two or three years, or whenever there is a vacancy. Candidates who meet the eligibility criteria and pass the competitive examination are placed on a roster to be considered for a position once a vacancy arises. Language professionals from different regions are encouraged to apply. The assessment process for language professionals at the United Nations is based solely on their academic qualifications and performance in the examination. Candidates are not evaluated according to their nationality. For more information about recruitment for language professionals at the United Nations, please visit the United Nations Careers portal.

Candidates should prepare for the language competency examination by reading up on the subject and familiarizing themselves with the online platform. Before starting the test, candidates should read the instructions and tips provided for preparing for the exam. Candidates who pass the two-part exams are invited to a competency-based interview. Applicants should take note of the time for each exercise and practice their skills accordingly. The deadline for this examination is two weeks after the application deadline.


It is unknown what salary at the United Nations is, we guess it depends on the interview and experience of the candidate. Usually, translators earn $37-80 thousand per year, and their salary increases with the professional level. The translator’s wages depend on the country they work in.